Charlie White
Shop Owner and U.S. Certified Tattooist

Charlie White is not only our founder and shop owner but also the lead tattoo artist. With years of experience, he brings both expertise and a personal touch to every client’s experience. Our tattoo parlor is a haven for creativity, where each member of our team shares a common passion for the art of tattooing. We believe in creating a welcoming and comforting environment, and our team is here to guide you through every step of the tattoo process, ensuring your experience is as exceptional as the result.

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Charlie's Journey

Stray Cat Tattoo was founded by Charlie White in 2020 in the charming town of Snohomish, Washington. The journey began in Kansas, where a young Charlie first encountered the fascinating world of tattooing through William Powell’s The Anarchist Cookbook. Inspired and curious, he tried his hand at crafting tattoos with mates by following the book’s instructions. This first taste ignited a lifelong passion for the art of tattooing. Over the following decade, Charlie has received professional training in his hometown of Kansas and from experts in the Pacific Northwest since 2006. His rich experience and extensive training include a significant 10-year tenure at The Enemy Tattoo in Everett. Driven by his dedication and passion, Charlie eventually opened Stray Cat Tattoo with the aim of providing a unique, high-quality tattooing experience.

Purpose and Goals

With Charlie's work, every piece tells a story. his primary goal is to translate your ideas into remarkable body art that you’ll love for a lifetime. Charlie’s commitment to using only the best tattoo supply brands ensures that we deliver top-notch quality and safety, regardless of the size or budget of the project. Here, we take pride in our ability to combine creative concepts with exceptional design execution to achieve truly unique and personal tattoos.

  • Charlie White has been tattooing professionally for 16 years

  • Charlie and his crew at Stray Cat Tattoo are fully licensed and insured with the state of Washington

  • Stray Cat Tattoo is in full compliance and accordance with all state licensing requirements and OSHA health regulations and guidelines.


At Stray Cat Tattoo, we offer a wide range of tattooing services to meet the diverse needs and preferences of our clients. Whether you’re looking for intricate designs, meaningful symbols, or large custom pieces, we’ve got you covered:

  • Custom Concept and Design: Work with Charlie to bring your unique vision to life.

  • Various Tattoo Styles: Traditional, neo-traditional, Japanese, realism, black and gray, color, and more.

  • Cover-Ups and Reworks: Give old tattoos new life with expert redesign and retouch.

We are committed to using the highest quality inks and supplies to ensure the best results and safety.

Ready to turn your tattoo ideas into a reality?

We invite you to visit Charlie at Stray Cat Tattoo in Snohomish, Washington, and experience the artistry and professionalism that sets us apart. Whether it’s your first tattoo or an addition to your collection, Charlie and the team are here to make it unforgettable.

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