Looking to add a touch of individuality and self-expression to your appearance?

Stray Cat Piercings by Jack Webb specializes in transforming your body into a unique canvas of art. Our piercing services provide you with professional results that are as exceptional as you are.

At Stray Cat Piercings, we understand that body piercing is more than just adornment; it is a powerful way to express your true self. Our highly skilled team is dedicated to creating piercing masterpieces that perfectly complement your personality and style. We pride ourselves on the artistry of our work and are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable piercing experience.

With our service, you not only receive a beautiful piercing but also the assurance of professionalism and attention to detail. We guide you through the entire process, from selecting the perfect jewelry to providing comprehensive aftercare instructions. Rest assured, at Stray Cat Piercings, your well-being and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Ear Piercing: Enhance Your Look

Transform your ears into a captivating statement with our expertly customized ear piercing services. Our skilled piercers guide you in choosing the perfect placement and jewelry options that elevate your style. Experience the benefits of ear piercings that exude elegance, individuality, and artistic expression.

Nose Piercing: Embrace Your Uniqueness

Make a bold statement with a nose piercing that accentuates your facial features and captures attention. Our professional piercers provide meticulous and hygienic nose piercing services, ensuring your piercing experience is safe and comfortable. Enjoy the benefits of a perfectly placed and beautifully adorned nose piercing.

Body Piercing: Unleash Your Inner Boldness

Express your individuality and showcase your personal style with our wide range of body piercing options. Our skilled piercers ensure the highest level of precision and artistry in each body piercing, allowing you to create a truly unique and captivating look. Experience the benefits of body piercings that empower you to embrace your creativity.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Are your piercers experienced and trained?
Yes, our piercers are highly skilled professionals with years of experience in the art of body piercing.

How long does a piercing procedure usually take?
The duration varies depending on the type of piercing. On average, it takes around 15-30 minutes per piercing.

Is the piercing process painful?
Our piercers prioritize your comfort and use techniques to minimize discomfort. While some piercings may cause a temporary stinging sensation, the pain is usually tolerable.

What materials do you use for the jewelry?
We only use high-quality jewelry made from materials such as surgical steel, titanium, and 14kt gold to ensure both safety and style.

How do I take care of my new piercing?
We provide detailed aftercare instructions tailored to each piercing, ensuring proper healing and minimal complications.

Can I bring my own jewelry for the piercing?
For safety and hygiene reasons, we recommend using the jewelry provided by our studio. Our jewelry meets all necessary quality standards.

Do you offer piercing services for minors?
We offer piercing services for individuals aged 16 and above with proper parental consent and presence.

How long does it take for a piercing to heal?
The healing time depends on the type of piercing but typically ranges from a few weeks to several months.

Are walk-ins accepted, or do I need an appointment?
We highly recommend scheduling an appointment to ensure personalized attention, but we do accept walk-ins based on availability.

Can I remove or change my piercing jewelry before it fully heals?
It is crucial to leave the initial jewelry in place until the piercing has completely healed to avoid complications. We advise consulting with our piercers before any changes.

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